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Today’s review is brought to you by the letter A for Avoca.

If I’ve learnt anything from the last few weeks it’s that it’s well and truly Parmi season. There appears no signs of the La Nina weather phenomenon that is meant to bring with it the rise of the next ice age, cold winds and flooding rains rather the clash of Nina and Nino have bought with it perfect weather conditions (sorry I’m still angling to be the next Keith Martin). Every time I go outside I dream of spending my day tucked into a nice little seat in a beer garden somewhere and enjoying the remainder of a youth that is vanishing quicker than my hairline.

Enter the Avoca. We wandered in and were soon warmed by the fact that Parmi’s are $13 on Monday’s and Tuesday, so not only would we be enjoying their beer garden, Parmis and hospitality our pockets would be none the lighter for the experience.

The Parmi’s themselves were adequately sized, and nice enough they just didn’t seem to set the world on fire. There was nothing really wrong with them but there was nothing that stood out to rave over either. Here are my thoughts.

Location:  893 South Rd, Clarence Gardens SA 5039

Price:  Mondays + Tuesdays $10 Schnitzel + $3 for Parmi Topping. 
Rest of the time $17 Schnitzel + $3 for Parmi Topping.

  The size was adequate being lunch time we didn’t leave hungry, it might be different after a long at work. – 7.5 / 10

Sides:  The chips were great but sparse, the salad was served in an individual bowl (props) but was a little wilted and bland  – 7 / 10

Topping:  Mozzarella cheese + Nap sauce. The sauce was OK. There was nothing other than Tomatoes, and couple of herbs in the sauce, again a little bland but a pass mark – 6 / 10

Value for Money:  @$13 the Value for Money is good – although the beers are a little over priced. @$20 I’d expect a little more for my money. – 7.5 / 10 (6 if I was paying a lobster)

Venue:  I’m quite a fan of anywhere with a big beer garden, the Avoca has a nice big area outside with plenty of tables and chairs to enjoy your meal at. – 8 / 10

Overall Rating:  If you after a Parmi on a Monday or Tuesday, then by all means I would recommend getting one from the Avoca as the value for money is quite good. Otherwise there is nothing wrong with the Parmi’s here and the beer garden compensates quite well for any short comings in value you might get any other day.
Parmi Guide Ranking – 72%

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