Boatdeck Cafe Pizzeria

Boatdeck Cafe Pizzeria

So tonight’s story is a little different. I was not even feeling like a Parmi. I was looking for some noodles. I went to my local noodle restaurant, to find they were having a party and there were no tables available. Not sure where to go, and being relatively close to Mawson Lakes, I decided to see what was around. By chance I stumbled across the Boatdeck Café Pizzeria. Before I knew it, I was treated to a Parmi that I would not forget in a very long time.

Location: Shop 7A, Mawson Lakes Boulevard, Mawson Lakes 5095

Price: $18.00

Schnitzel: This chicken was a truly decent size. It was not one of those thin flimsy bits of meat, it was a real chicken breast, definitely the size and thickness for a chicken Parmi! What I hate when I bite into my Parmi, is dry chicken! Well this one was cooked to perfection, it really was! The chicken was truly succulent. I had to savour each mouthful. – 8.5 / 10

Sides: I found it hard to fault this Parmi, I honestly did! I suppose I could probably bring up a few dried chips if I had to be really critical (although I do hate the chips under the Parmi). The salad was a good mixture of lettuce, grated carrot, tomato and, Spanish onion. It was a very good side selection. – 7.5 / 10

Topping: It is always tough finding the balance when it comes to ham and chicken. Ham can often be quite overpowering and can detract from the meal. In the case of this Parmi, the ham was definitely the prominent flavour, however the chunky nap sauce and mozzarella cheese did try and balance it out. I thought it was very nice – 7.5 / 10

Value for Money: I am going to score this one high. However I have to be fair, when I say this is a café, not a pub. I often find pub food is good company with pub drinks. In a café, a drink is good company with the food. Anyway I would say $18 is probably the average price of a Parmi, except this Parmi was good. – 8.5 / 10

Venue: Okay, this one is a hard one. When I walked through the doors, I did not see anything special about the place. It was a smallish café, not much really to think about. I think what grabbed me was the smell of fresh wood oven pizza’s being cooked in front of me. I then turned my attention to the plates of food that were served up to the customers on their table, and every dish I looked at was appetising. However what truly made it for me was the warm smiles by every waiter/waitress that I had the pleasure to encounter. It was a very friend atmosphere so again, I can’t help but give this high scores – 8 / 10

Overall Rating: Would I go back? Without hesitation. However, next time I am trying the pizza. The smell was truly tantilising. It was a truly good night, accompanied by both a lovely lady and a nice bottle of Riesling. Was very lucky to stumble upon this little nugget.

Parmi Guide Ranking – 80%

Note from Editor: Since this Parmi is not from a pub it’s hard to determine it’s official place on the “Parmi Leader Board”. As such the review will stand in it’s own right but not be compared against other Pub Parmi’s. Although it does beg the question, if Cafe’s can serve up top quality Parmi’s at lower prices than pubs, yet not be reaping the benefits of Pokie revenue is it time for Pubs to start giving back a little to their patrons and drop the price of food they sell? or better yet increase the quality!

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