Bombay Bicycle Club

Bombay Bicycle Club

Apologies to all avid readers but we’ve been a bit lax on the Parmi reviews of late, as we’ve being setting up the new World Wide Headquarters of However since we’ve now settled into the new digs we once again ventured outside our lush new milieu in search for a Parmi to match the new surrounds.

Location: 29 Torrens Road, Ovingham SA 5082

Price: $21.30 Chicken Schnitzel: $18.90 Add $2.40 for Parmi Topping

Schnitzel: The Schnitzel is available in two sizes. There is a 200g variant that will set you back $14.90 whereas the hunger busting 400 gramer – that I indulged in – will set you back just a tick under $1000 rupee ($19) before giving it the Parmi treatment.

The 400g version was certainly enough meat to prove filling without being a belt loosening challenge. The quality of the meat used was also quite good and the body of the Schnit was quite tasty, unfortunately mine looked like it had spent a little too much time in an Indian summer and was burnt beyond the bounds of being edible around the outskirts. This was most likely due to the mix up I’ll go into later. 7/10 Less time under the grill and it could have been a lot better.

Sides: The chips were top notch. Well-seasoned, well cooked, piping hot, and once quickly relocated from under the Schnitter were a highlight. The salad was a good effort – if the cabbage wasn’t totally to my liking – but definitely gets “points for trying”. – 7.5/10

Topping: The nap sauce used in the topping was the standout of the dish. It was rich, flavorsome and strong enough to counteract some – if not most – of the burnt schnitter without totally dominating the dish. One of the better toppings I’ve had on a Parmi of late. – 8.5/10

Value for Money: The fully optioned Parmi was just on the high side of the spectrum – but I don’t mind paying for quality – and in this instance you are paying for a good quality Parmi in a nice pub so I don’t think the price is unreasonable. Not the cheapest around but certainly not the worst Parmi we’ve had over $20. – 7/10

Venue: I guess this is one pub where personal tastes will come into play a lot more than others. In my opinion it is still the best themed pub in Adelaide. It stays true to the theme throughout the hotel and is certainly well executed. There is a good mix of casual and formal dining areas, and a nice ambiance to the place.

However – and I’m hoping it to just be a one off – there were a lot of complications with our order (which was 3 schnitzels and an burger) which resulted in the other 3 meals being consumed before my Parmi was seated in front on of me. I’m also suspicious that my Parmi did two stints under the grill – after initially trying to be presented to me in a different, non Parmi, guise before reappearing burnt 10min later. - 8/10 – would be better if not for repeated mix ups with the order.

Overall: Being local to our new premises I’m sure I’ll happily return to the Ovingham. There is an extensive beer list – which is always a plus – in addition to a well-executed theme, and relaxed atmosphere. I’d also like to think the 4 tries it took me to try and get a Parmi – all at 5min intervals – was an exception rather than the rule. I would hate to see a top pub being tarnished by bad service.

Lastly, for all of those as inquisitive as me. When you’re presented with your order you maybe be tempted to go all Don Burke and give the little garnish top a little gnash. One word. Don’t! Turns out I think it’s a curry leaf, and while not in anyway overy spicey it’s certainly not overly tasty either and will have you rushing back to the bar for another pint of the amber.

Parmi Guide Ranking – 76%

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