Feathers Hotel

Feathers Hotel

So it’s a breezy Sunday night, feeling peckish, decided to Parmi up at the local, The Feathers Hotel. A brisk walk and we are there. Front bar is homely, kinda has a pizza hut feel, red lights (no booths tho). Start with a standard SA brew, West End draught and after a glance past the friendly wine drinking locals, start to peruse the menu. Straight on the Parmi, Chicken Schnitz with parmigiana topping. About a 35 minute wait, a second beer and the parmi arrives. First impressions “where the hell are the chips!?” hidden under a decent whack of fried up chicken. Only about half a dozen on my plate. Not too impressive. The chicken was your average processed parmi meat, bit dry on the edges but nice and juicy in the middle.

Location: 516 Glynburn Rd, Burnside SA 5068

Price: Schnitzel $15.90 + $3 For Parmi Topping.
Size: Being a girly, the parmi defeated me. But that’s no mean feat. It was a decent size. Not whopping, but just enough to leave some behind without hearing my mum’s voice echoing about ‘the starving children in Africa’. I think for a fella it would have been perfect, left room for a few cleansing ales and no need to undo any belt buckles. 7/10
Sides: Salad left a bit to be desired. Looked impressive at first, fancy lettuces galore. But on closer inspection a quarter of tomato and a slice of cucumber on lettuce is pretty below par. It was dressed with a balsamic vinigarette. No fetta, olives or anything to move it up a notch in my books. I do like a nice side salad. Could have been worse. Like a dodgy salad bar with over creamy pasta salad and dry lettuce. The chips (not pictured)… or lack of. They were nice, and I wanted more. I like to have a chip to each mouthful. Big let down. I had visions of the cook snacking on my original serving while my cheese was under the griller, they were tasty, all 6 of them 6/10 (note to feathers: more chips = more marks)
Topping: Ham, napolitano sauce, fresh tomato and cheddar cheese. I am a mozzarella on my parmi kinda gal – big fan of the stringy cheese. But the cheddar was quite delicious. The ham was one for all you ‘doubled over extra meat on your meat’ kinda people out there, they definatley didn’t skimp on the pig. The nap sauce was very standard, almost didn’t see it there. The real stand out was the fresh tomato, great touch, kept the parmi from being too dry. Delicious! 8/10
Value: For the schnitz with Parmi topping it will set you back about $18.90. I thought it was kinda pricey. More of a fancy new pub price. But for two Parmis and two pints it set us back exactly $50, which was quite exciting to my ‘anti-shrapnel’ dining companion. All in all, would expect a beer garden and a view for that price. 7/10
Venue: Front bar of the feathers is kinda kitcsh. Reminded me of an RSL my dad used to take me to. The bar keep was friendly and you could tell she was on good terms with the locals. It was kind of more of a winter pub, but needed a little crackling fire in the corner to really give it that toasty feel. Wasn’t too sure where they were going with it, sporty looking, yet wasn’t the sports bar. Comfortable, cozy, friendly. Seeing the locals in there fave trackies is a clue to how relaxed you can be in a place like that. 6.5/10 

Parmi Guide Rating: 69%

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