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Having previously heard nothing but good things about the “Award winning” burger from the Gilbert Hotel a few of the less dedicated members of the Parmi fraternity have been championing a visit for some time. Cautiously we succumbed to their overtures knowing that we would soon be faced with a decision rarely encountered since starting these reviews. Do we dare walk into a pub we haven’t reviewed and order something other than a Parmi? Is it wise to order something other than the chef’s special? Why am I building suspense when clearly as this is a Parmi site you already know I ordered the Parmi? Anyway….

The table was split, half ordered Parmis, the other half the burger. We knew full well if this wasn’t a good Parmi the burger eaters amongst the groups would be rubbing our noses in the stubbornness of our decision.. So we waited. Sipping our beers, expectant yet slightly worried of what would happen next…

Location: 88 Gilbert Street Adelaide SA 5000

Price: $18.50 – $16 Chicken Schnitzel + $2.50 for Parmigiana Topping

Schnitzel: The best breast I’ve laid my eyes on for a little while. So much so I looked away a couple of times just so it didn’t catch me staring. The schnitzel wasn’t massive but was thick, tender and the perfect size for lunch. – 8.5/10

Sides: The salad had its own little bowl on the side of the plate, and the chips weren’t squashed under the weight of the schnitzel. A welcome change. The salad was fresh and well garnished, with enough variety of foliage to even keep Don Bourke happy. The chips were well cooked, seasoned, and definitely benefited from not being mashed by the chicken – 7.5/10

Topping: I feel there is a stubtle parallel to this topping and that of my hair. What’s there gets the job done with a minimum of fuss but you can’t help but wish it wasn’t spread so thin. The middle was thick, rich and had good coverage but there was a definite receding of this schnitzels topping line. More marks in the offering if they could just provide a little more coverage. Yeah. Yeah. – 7/10

Value for Money: While not as cheap as the lunch specials that are cropping up all over town you certainly get a high quality feed, matched with a decent beer selection in a clean, fresh, modern bar. Although at $2.50 for the Parmi topping they could afford to be a little more liberal with the Nap sauce. – 7.5/10

Venue: While being a trendy, chic little pub outside the hustle of the CBD centre the Gilbert is one of those – what are now becoming – “Cookie Cutter” bars that are dressed with the same bench seating, “vintage modern” décor and a dimly lit lounge bar vibe. None of this detracts from it being a good choice for a relaxing feed or for whittling away an afternoon but after a couple too many drinks you could well forget which of the 100 similar pubs throughout the city you are in. – 7.5/10

Overall Rating: This Parmi saved me from many an “I told you so” from the burger set. It was every bit worthy of my choice to skip over the burger and tuck into a quality South Australian staple. It’s a good pub, with a decent beer selection, relaxing atmosphere, reasonably priced, above average Parmi.

I will definitely be back when the Beer garden has completed its rennos, although as good as the Parmi was I’m still keen to try this burger!

Parmi Guide Ranking – 76%

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