Lonsdale Hotel

Lonsdale Hotel

A wet, windy and cold Friday night and we are heading south. A quick dash down to the Lonsdale Hotel for an early dinner to celebrate my nephews 13th birthday. Happy Birthday Ed. The total lack of peak hour traffic was not the first surprise for the night.

Having not been to the Lonsdale for some years, on arrival I was pleasantly surprised at the makeover that has been done to the dining area, on such a cold night, this area was warm and bright and totally different to what it was last time I ate there. May have to venture here later in summer as the large outdoor extension to the dining area is like an oasis, amongst the industrial area that surrounds the hotel.

The place was packed, apparently pretty standard on weekends, so a reservation is always a good idea.

Location: 25/27 Sherriffs Rd, Lonsdale, South Australia

Price: $14.90 Schnitzel + $2.00 for Parmi Topping.

Size: A good size Parmi, left feeling satisfied, not hungry, not over fed – 7.5/10

Sides: Chips to die for, nicely seasoned and crisp, even those under the Parmi, and plenty of them. A fresh salad of greens, tomato, cucumber and carrot with a balsamic dressing. (vegetable option is also available) – 8/10

Topping: A tasty, herby nap sauce, a generous covering of cheese without being too much but no ham (not that this affected the overall presentation). A little dry on the edges but not burnt. – 7.5/10

Value for Money: At $16.90, with good quality and nice sized serve, this is certainly great value for money. (If you can get hold of a shopper docket from local supermarkets, the second one at $6.00 is even better.) – 8 /10

Venue: As mentioned, the renovations to the dining area have transformed this place, bright fresh and warm (thanks to an interesting glass surrounded gas heater in the middle of the room). A pleasant place to dine, hence its popularity. There is plenty of friendly staff, and the service is not compromised by the large number of people dining. There is a range of specials available, for entrée, mains and desert. There is a good range of beer on tap as well as white wine. – 7.5/10

Overall Rating: The Parmi at the Lonsdale was certainly worth the trip down south, for both price and quality. The venue is a pleasant place to dine, even with the large numbers of diners. Another trip will certainly be on the cards.

Parmi Guide Ranking – 77%

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