Maid of Auckland

Maid of Auckland

Parmi reviewing regular “slippin” was to be celebrating a milestone birthday in the coming days so we decided to take him out for a Pint + Parmi to toast the occasion.

We wanted to start off in low key fashion so we stopped in at the Maid of Auckland for a Pint and Parmi en route to greener pastures. The Maid is another pub that has undergone renovations of late, and we thought it would be a good place to review as it’s opposite the Avoca that was reviewed earlier in the week.

The Avoca definitely has the “Maid” covered in terms of venue but we were more worried about who could lay claim to having the better Parmi.

Location: 926 South Road, Edwardstown SA 5039

Price: $19 for the Schnitzel + $2 for the Parmi topping. Basically on par with the Avoca (excluding Mondays + Tuesdays)

Size:  Hopefully they are not overcompensating here. Each plate came out with 2 full size Parmi’s. No one’s going hungry today  – 8 / 10 (Advantage Maid)

Sides:  Chips were again hidden under the Parmi, but those that were free of the Parmi were of very high standard. Salad was uninspiring (some token green with balsamic vinegar).  -  7 / 10 (Even)

Topping:  Again this Parmi was ham-less and was covered in Nap sauce and mozzarella cheese. Much like the Avoca it was very basic but did the job  –6 / 10 (Even)

Value for Money:  This is where it gets tricky. At $21 it’s not the cheapest Parmi around, but if we had gone to the Avoca on any other day that would have  been the same price but for a smaller meal. Based on the price we paid on the given days,  the Avoca has to take the edge here, but if we had paid full tote odds there the Maid would take the points. – 7 / 10

Venue:  The renovations to the Maid have improved the venue, I like the old front bar that’s not trying to be as trendy as everywhere else. It’s a good place for an unpretentious Pint (although I’ll have to take a point off for having a shopping trolley in the front bar). The Beer garden is also a good improvement (I guess we have the smoking regulations to thank for all of the Beer gardens popping up), but I couldn’t see myself having a nice “session” in the Maid  – 6 / 10 (Advantage Avoca)

Overall Rating:  The Maid Parmi was going down the tried and tested “bigger is better” path. The price was on the higher side and coupled with a pint (of which choices are limited) it’s pushing closer to the $30 mark. Both Parmi’s are very similar in taste so it’s hard to separate them on that alone. If you want a quick Parmi on a week day, and are hungry, then the Maid is a good choice, but I have to side with the Avoca for overall experience. The venue gives the Avoca the nod, the bigger beer garden, more variety of tap beers, and the specials are also a reason to cross the road.

 Parmi Guide Ranking – 68%

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  1. You forgot to mention the pinball machine in the corner of the front bar as well… A good way to kill some time waiting for the Parmi to arrive…

    Not a bad parmi at all… There is no need for dinner tonight!!

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