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We’re currently in the process of moving Parmi HQ after having exhausted our local Parmi options. With the move taking full toll on our energy resources we found it a perfect opportunity to replenish with our first review from the new site.

Location: 5 First Street, Brompton SA 5007
Price: $17 Schnitzel $15 + Parmigiana Topping $2

Schnitzel: Much like the Schnitzel at the Mile End Hotel this was again a very unassuming schnitzel that lacked any real flavour. It’s always hard to know what to score these kind of schnitters because there is nothing inherently bad about them but there aren’t any really redeeming features either. The schnit was cooked well, well sized, and thick. Yet lacked any real flavour - 6/10

Sides: The salad was the real disappointment of the dish. It was a blend of “fancy” lettuce leaves with some carrot shavings served on top of some balsamic dregs. A good portion of the lettuce leaves weren’t actually fit for human consumption and the ones that didn’t look like they still had snails growing in them were discoloured and “spotted”. I’m sure a fresher – and more diligently washed – version or the salad would have done the job.

Chips on the other hand were – in a nice little twist – served in a separate bowl to the salad/parmi to ensure there was no cross contamination, and they were undoubtedly the stars of the dish. – 6/10 - 5/5 for the Chips. 1 for the Salad (Just because there was one)

Topping: Much like the Schnitzel the parmigiana topping was quite bland. It was a nice dark “tomato” red colour, and topped with some golden cheese, but was lacking in the flavour stakes. I think there are a lot of pubs that are trying to make their Parmi’s as “safe” as possible to ensure that even the fussiest (whingingest) of dinners won’t encounter any strong flavours that they may object to. I guess this is an approach that they believe works but I personally like some kind of flavour to my dish otherwise why bother – 6/10

Value for Money: $17 is one of the cheaper full price Parmi’s we’ve had of late so it’s definitely off to a good start. However the quality of the dish was lacking. I quite like the look and feel of the place so if they improve on the Parmi it’s self they could be onto a winning formula. – 6.5/10

Venue: Located on the back streets of Brompton the pub has done a nice job of fusing the old with the new in their renovations and created a pub that is quite “chic” yet comfortable. The range of beers is also better than a lot of others we have encountered - 8/10

Overall: Good Looking pub with a Good looking Parmi, it really is quite unfortunate that the looks didn’t quite match the taste of the dish. It’s the only part missing from making the Brompton one of the better venues in Adelaide.

Parmi Guide Ranking – 67%

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  1. This pic looks to me like the schnitzel is deep fried.
    In my book that’s the 1st mistake. Nothing beats a freshly crumbed chicken breast lightly panfried to a deep golden hue in a good quality olive oil. There’s your schnitty flavour. I don’t know what the sauce is generally in these meals but to me nothing beats a sauce that’s slowly simmered to a thick rich consistency. I personally like the combo of tomato, garlic and basil with salt to taste while cooking. I quite like to add some chili too. Place the just finished pan-fried schnitty on the grill plate and top with a good coating of tomato sauce and topped with a generous amount of freshly grated mature cheese and slide under the heat til bubblng and golden….yum!
    I think the pubs just go for the quickest and cheapest version they can get away.
    Good luck boys…love reading your reviews.

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