The Ed Castle Hotel

Of late we’ve been copping a bit of flak for neglecting our duties as the Parmi oracles of SA. So, on Friday when the sun poked it’s head through a sky of dark clouds we thought a quick trip to a sun drenched beer garden to enjoy a Parmi, a few Pints to toast Text on his birthday was in order. After a quick brainstorm session it was decided we’d breach the threshold of Colonel Light’s vision, enter the City and visit the Ed Castle Hotel.

Location: 233 Currie Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Price: $10 Chicken Parmigiana (the whole box and dice. Bamn!)


Schnitzel: Upon receipt of the Schnitter the size and appearance were quite appealing. This was diminished slightly when the first layer of clothing was pealed back and I noticed the thickness was slightly inflated by a larger than normal layer of padding around the breast. This was kind of disappointing because the breast was of substantial size and didn’t really need the padding and i guess i kind of felt lied to and deceived (… I digress). The Schnitter it’s self was quite enjoyable and certainly of sufficient size (especially for lunch) – 7.5/10

Sides: I’ll start off by assuring you that despite appearances, and although not in plague proportions, there was more than one chip accompanying this meal. Unfortunately they were all just tucked snuggly under the Schnitter. Once i went all raiders of the lost arc and excavated them from their Parmi Tomb I found the chips to be quite enjoyable, the salad however was a little disappointing and the topping was slightly too “vinegary” (despite me being a massive fan of the balsamic vinegar) – 6.5/10

Topping: The topping was quite rich and flavoursome which was a pleasant surprise as I expected a watered down “red coloured” sauce given the price point but this one was perfectly balanced and complemented well by the cheese which was grilled and devoid of the oily qualities associated of cheaper cheeses. – 8/10

Value for Money: There appears to be an increasing level of competition in the Parmi market meaning that more and more you can get good value for your Parmi dollar & at $10 the Ed castle certainly fits the bill. The size, and quality of the meal was more than a match for many other higher priced Parmis helping to drive down the cost of Parmi’s SA wide. Good show. – 9/10

Venue: While the Ed Castle wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea it’s a relaxed, unpretentious venue that is good for live music or unwinding after work (or during in our case). I do however have to deduct a mark for the strong stench of males marking their territory you have traverse en route to the beer garden (or endure while hustling some work mates on the pinball machine) – 7.5/10

Overall Rating: A Cheap, Good quality Parmi in a large (a rarity in the CBD) Beer garden. It’s a combination that is always a Win. The only downfall being that if the sun is shining you’re chances of returning to work (or home) before curfew are about slim to none.

Parmi Guide Ranking – 77%

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