The Edinburgh Hotel – Revisit

The Edinburgh Hotel

We’ve long regretted having visited the Ed as the maiden Parmi Guide review. Looking back we were overly critical out of a willingness not to set the bar to high. But after 20 odd reviews over the past few months we found ourselves once again back at the Ed wondering it was time to do a “re-review” and lay our guilty conscience to rest.

We feel that as this journey of Parmi discovery evolves, so too are our tastes, and demand for quality. So this review could well be judged harshly once again as we are more acutely aware of what other pubs are serving up.

We decided that to keep this review as accurate as possible we would have 3 testers score the Parmi and then average the scores to get the final results. Here’s how our review panned out.

Location: High Street, Mitcham 5062

Price: Front Bar only – $12 with a Pint of Coopers Lager or Pale.

Schnitzel: It was a really good tasting breast. It actually tasted like the breast meat you’d get from a real chicken, it sometimes surprises us when that occurs because – as you all would know – it’s not always the case. It was also a great size, and cooked well. Great start and deserved of it’s - 8.5/10

Sides: We said it last time, and we’ll say it again. God damn fetta in a salad is a great idea. Add some olives into the mix and the Ed is still the benchmark when it comes to the “side salad”. My only suggestion would be maybe a little less lettuce and chuck in some cappy or carrot. Even if the salad isn’t important to you the chips are decent as well, although batter them with beer and we might be able to spring for our first 10. For now they’ll have to “settle” for - 9.5 / 10

Topping: I can’t remember the topping being this rich before? It actually tasted like a thick nap sauce your Italian (mates) Nona would make, it was certainty complemented – not over powered – by the cheese. Well balanced. - 8.5 / 10

Value for Money: Somehow we only gave 8.5 out of 10 for value last time we reviewed. I think we must have been drunk, and somehow of the belief that we’d be able to find better value out there. Well, we can’t… Not even when other Pubs have their weekly “Parmi Days”, and at the Ed you don’t have to worry about when to go. It’s bloody cheap all year round (even my tight arse mates don’t mind springing for one) -9.5 / 10

Venue: There is a reason why the Ed is one of the most popular pubs in Adelaide and it can be summed up in two words “Beer Garden”, I’m sure all of us have at one time or another (miss) spent our youth trying to woo the opposite sex on a Barmy summer’s evening huddled around the water feature on the (now artificial) grass. But even if it’s a cold, wet winter you can still get a nice meal in the charm of the old wood panelled front bar. It is really the best of both worlds, and a peculiar mix of the old school Mitcham locals, and the “Regatta set” of private school kids that look like they should be on their Fathers 40 footer out in the Caribbean somewhere. - 9.5 / 10

Overall Rating: Based on appearance, and a quick glance of the previous Ed Parmi it actually looks a better unit that the one originally reviewed. Maybe stung into action by our last review the bar has certainly been lifted. There was very little that was done wrong at all. The chips were served on the side of the Parmi, the salad was without peer, schnitzel cooked well, and the topping rich and complementary to the whole dish. Chuck a “free” pint into the mix and the leafy surrounds of “the old village” and you’ll have to go a long way to find a better all-round Chicken Parmi.

The Ed finally gets the props it deserves and….

Parmi Guide Ranking – 91%

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  1. If you knew the Head Chef at The Ed, then you would understand why the Parmi’s get top marks. Very fussy on all of his offerings.

  2. you boys need to head over to the earl of leicester! you can’t beat their parmis

  3. From my own experiences and through word of mouth, warm beer and cold Parmis aren’t a rare occurrence at the Ed. I guess you guys must have gotten a good night?

  4. I went there tonight (Tuesday) around 7 pm, which was a busy night. We were advised of a 25 minute wait on meals, which was fine. Excellent all round, except one Parmi. was cold and the other hot…so poor use of heat lights or hot plates…otherwise smashing value…bread roll and good salad. It is a busy place, so perhaps the cold Parmi. can be forgiven.

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