The General Havelock

The General Havelock

The Christmas holidays are always a great time to whittle away at the pub with mates you don’t catch up with often as you should. Today a few of us braved the tumbleweeds blowing through Adelaide’s Ghost town CBD and ventured to Hutt street for a few quite beers and a bite to eat at the “Havey” (General Havelock Hotel)

Location: 162 Hutt Street, Adelaide SA 5000

Price: $18.40 – $15.90 Schnitzel + $2.50 for Parmi topping

Schnitzel: It was a tale of two Schnitzel’s for myself and one of my mates. While i – as usual – lumped up for the Chicken Parmi he decided to go for the Chicken “Havey Schnitzel”. My schnitzel was well cooked, tender and succulent, while the breast of the Havey Schnitzel as over cooked and appeared to have seen better days. Think Kate Hudson vs. Goldie Hawn (and we’re not talking about the Goldie Hawn your Dad may remember either). But seeing as though I’m rating the Parmi, and mine was well presented it’s a thumbs up – 7.5/10

Sides: The chips weren’t anything to complain or rave about. They were cooked well but not a standout, while the lettuce was again almost bigger than the Schnitzel it’s self. I mean what the hell is the deal with lettuce? Why does it feel the need to be the largest thing on the plate? The salad was actually quite good featuring the “3 C’s” Capsicum, Cucumber, and carrot but they were often lost in those massive lettuce leaves - 7 / 10

Topping: The topping for me was the standout of the dish. The Napoli sauce was really rich and complimented well by the cheese and just the right amount of ham. It might just be that I’ve gone a few weeks recharging and being Parmi free but i really enjoyed the covering on this schnitter - 8.5 / 10

Value for Money: Can’t complain. Any change from $20 is considered a bonus these days and i almost had enough spare to play a game of pool with. Add that to the fact that it was a well sized, good quality Parmi I can’t see any complaints. – 8 / 10

Venue: The Havey is a great weekend (or in this case public holiday) bar. It’s been a staple of my pub diet on many a Saturday/Sunday afternoon especially in the warmer months, and appears to have gone through yet another face lift. If they just put a little more effort into the beers on tap then they would see me even more often, although that’s probably something no pub should have to endure – 8.5 / 10

Overall Rating: It’s a good pub with a good Parmi. It’s in quieter, leafier corner of the City which is an ideal location that is easy for mates from the 4 corners of Adelaide to pop in without too many car parking hassles and is also the great place to start a night out on the town.

Get yourself to the Havey on a Thursday or Saturday for 2 Parmis + Pints for $24… Now we’re talking!!!

Parmi Guide Ranking – 79%

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