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Walkers Arms

My Saturday started out with the promise of a long day car shopping for a new 4×4 with a mate. However less than an hour in, the car was purchased and we were left scratching our heads thinking about how we could kill the rest of our day. “Pub lunch?” was the question I posed and we all agreed, a unanimous “yes” rung out through the car. Closest establishment that came to mind was the recently re opened Walkers Arms.

After a short ride we arrived and we were impressed with what we saw, the place had improved a lot from what I remembered.

Location: 36 North East Road Walkerville, South Australia 5081

Price: $21.40 - $18.90 Schnitzel + $2.50 for the Parmigiana topping

Schnitzel: Parmi size was good, the schnitzel was excellent quality and thickness was spot on. – 8 / 10

Sides: Salad was served in its own separate bowl, which I am a fan of as it doesn’t let the chips and Parmi get drowned out by the salad dressing which is sometimes the case. Although chips were once again stuck under the Parmi they were still nice and crisp… that is a first!! 7 / 10

Topping: Topping was pretty much stock standard with the addition of some nicely diced chunks of tomato in the nap sauce and topped off with a generous amount of mozzarella cheese. 7 / 10

Value for Money: Coming in over 20 bucks it’s certainly not the cheapest Parmi you are going to get. However the quality of the meal makes you feel like you’ve gotten value for money. - 7 / 10

Venue: After being reduced to a smoldering shell of a building a few years ago, a result of the building being grilled like a good Parmi, a lot of effort appears to have gone into the new and improved Walker Arms. I definitely like what they have done with the place. Top Work. – 8 / 10

Overall Rating:

A solid, good quality performance across all of the criteria will certainly see me heading back over the summer months to spend some quality time in the beer garden checking out some sports on one of the massive outdoor TV’s, drinking some beers from their plentiful range, and of course cutting into another Parmi!

Parmi Guide Ranking – 74%

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